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Daniel ‘EE Monk’ Powell (Guitars and Vocals) and Bryce ‘Mr. Pudding‘ Galloway (Beats, Toys and Vocals), with sometimes contributions from Graham Agnew. Quirky and prolific out with a swagger of independently produced and released albums. Their latest release Pan) features EE Monk and Mr. Pudding recording an album of tracks each in mono, with the results tied together (EE Monk on the left, Mr. Ppudding on the right) meaning its a confusing listen, the listener invited to Pan between the channels.

Wendyhouse started life as an art-installation back in 1992. this was at soundwatch, artspace, auckland, new zealand. at this stage wendyhouse was a 3-piece which only used toy musical instruments. a year later wendyhouse began to embrace the rock venue as more egalitarian than the uptight environs of the art gallery. in 1995 after self-releasing several cassettes and a debut cd, core-member ee monk left new zealand to live in europe for three years. this marked the start of the groups forays into postal recording (the love quadrangle ’97), eventually leading to experiments in blind/chance recording (wendyheads ’00): these are recordings involving four contributors who respond to a title without listening to each others’ contributions.
– Taken From Petra Jane‘s Fine Antirock Listings


  • Santas Lament Lathe-Cut 7″ [Wiggly Tapes]

  • 2032ad Cassette Mini-Album [1992 Wiggly Tapes]

  • Cruising Cassette Ep [1993 Wiggly Tapes]

  • Xanadu Cassette Mini-Album [1994 Wiggly Tapes]

  • Hot Action Plastic Ep [W/ Mr Snakes 1994 Wiggly Tapes / Fridge Records Frwt001]

  • Dead Man’S Shoes Cassette [1995 Wiggly Tapes]

  • Live From The Pillow [1999 Wiggly Tapes]

  • Utopia Metopia Ep [2000 With 10 Extra Tracks From Wendyheads Wiggley Tapes Wt/Cd003]

  • Pan [2004]


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