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Up Periscope


Up Periscope were (initially) a Christchurch indie-rock group formed in 1997 by a couple ex-Pats (bassist Karl Schasching from England and original drummer Mike Richardson from Australia) who started the Beat Atlas Records label to release their recordings. The were joined by Christchurch native guitarist/vocalist Andrew Benbow, putting out the debut ‘Surfacing‘ as a 7″ lathe cut single, manufactured by Peter King in his original Geraldine-based locale.

Schasching and Benbow relocated to London, recruiting local drummer Pete Lewis as Richardson’s replacement and released an EP before going dormant for many years. The trio resurfaced around 20 years later, contributing a couple of faithful covers to 2 distinct Galaxie 500 tribute albums. Schasching re-established the Beat Atlas Records label around the same time, releasing material from his London-based punk group LimoZine.


  • Karl Schasching (Souther Still, LimoZine, bass)
  • Andrew Benbow (Black Spring, 360° Cinemas, guitar / vocals)
  • Mike Richardson (drums)
  • Pete Lewis (drums)



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