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Two Lane Blacktop


Raucous Wellington rock’n’roll in the retro-revival vein formed by Matt Harrop (rhythm guitar, vocals), Phil Smiley (drums), Pip Brown (lead guitar, background vocals), and Ben Fraser (bass) in 2001.

Over the next two years the group experienced moderate success, especially in Australia where they enjoyed association with the new rock revival.

The group would cycle through two new bassists (Nato Hickey and ending with Luke Hutching), get a 7″ single play-listed on Radio1 in the UK, record 3 singles and an album that would go unreleased.

The group broke up on the eve of what would have been their first US tour (with US act Modey Lemon), however Pip Brown would resurface as Ladyhawke.

Hutching joined The Accelerants and Smiley plays drums in Melbourne group The Rise and Demise.



  • Live EP (2001)
  • Mechanic Demo EP (2001)
  • Mechanic EP (2002)
  • ‘The Rat’ / ‘Hellbound’ 7″ Single (2003, In-Fidelty, SIN 002)
  • The Girl (2003, Unreleased)


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