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The Sweethearts


Adam McGrath’s early 2000’s attempt at a vocally-driven song-writing group after years of playing in punk and hard core groups – featured a teenage William Daymond; essentially a pre-cursor to the Eastern.

The Sweethearts were Adam McGrath (guitars, vocals), William Daymond (guitar, vocals), Rebecca Doyle (keyboards), Megan Alexander (backing vocals) and Jo Knox (backing vocals). Also in the band for brief periods were Simon Nunn (debut gig only, 3rd guitar) and Andy Moran (played about 4 or 5 gigs as third guitarist).

Active pretty much for slightly over a year, with our fist gig being around November 2002 at Mainstreet Café and last gig (and album launch show) being Xmas Eve 2003, Mainstreet Café – but we played many gigs in that time, including a brief South Island tour with Minisnap.

William Daymond

The group recorded their LP with Jeremy Lake (The Puffins, Le Mot Cafe) before going their seperate ways. McGrath moved to Australia and the United States for a period – chasing the dream of being a professional musician. Eventually he returned to New Zealand and settled in Lyttelton; where he met Jess Shanks (through their mutual friend Delaney Davidson), forming The Eastern soon after.



  • For the Tiger of Amelia Street (2003)


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