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New wave pop from (1981-2) Christchurch 4 piece. The band feature heart throb Anton Jenner – Vocals (future Wastrels), Chris Tindall – Bass, Paul Lonsdale – Guitar and Guy Norris – Drums. The band played various shows including the influential series of 3ZM sponsored Town Hall concerts. High fashion content.

They released one self released single – ‘Home Again’/’Mother Suburbia’ and eventually split, Jenner going on to front The Wastrels, confusingly beloved band of the Dance Exponents, who didn’t really seem to be quite as good as they were made out to be.

Rob Mayes (Failsafe Records)

Solatudes got their sole 7″ single picked up by new Christchurch reissue label Leather Jacket Records in August 2023, simultaneously releasing a ‘Live at the Gladstone’ recording to their BandCamp page.



  • ‘Home again’ 7″ single (1981, self-released, SOL-1)
  • Live at the Gladstone (2023, self-released)


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