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The Psycho-Kat was the name given by Tracey Pagey to her solo music for kRkRkRk between mid 1994 & late 1996 – although the project has never been officially laid to rest.

kRkRkRk Records

Metal percussion & distorted synth drones (either J-mz‘s Roland Juno 60 or David Kahn‘s Akai AX60) were combined with dramatic, dirge guitar in a manner reminiscent of early Einsturzende Neubauten. Amidst all this industrial noise & chaos, however, were far more subtle compositions which used layered, ethereal vocals, wind instruments & understated loops (created on tape or with the assistance of sampler/delay pedals) to create an altogether more meditative & ritualistic feel. It was about the time Tracey began the Psycho-Kat project that she completed an arts degree in Religious Studies.

The live incarnation of the Psycho-Kat also featured, at various times, Reta Le Quesne (The Axel Grinders, Snort), Justin Schilder (later of Chicane) & Sarah Nichol (TMA-1‘s live sound person).

kRkRkRk Records

Pagey would go on to join leonard Nimoy in September 1994, after the final Psycho-Kat show.




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