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from krkrkrk‘s website: “kattracks is best regarded as a kind of an overview of tracey pagey’s recorded work for krkrkrk between late 1993 & late 1996. most of her debut cassette album, 44 drunken nites krk008 (released june 1994), is reprised – as well as psycho-kat tracks recorded for various krkrkrk compilation tapes…
…diverse & inventive, kattracks combines electronic rythms, dirge guitar, keyboards & electro-acoustic textures in the creation of music ranging from ethereal chants of utmost delicacy to percussive explosions of industrial noise. tracey’s musical experiments, especially with synthesizers, metal percussion & percussion samples, are krkrkrk landmarks & anticipate many future developments.”


picks in bold

  • >44 drunken nites [1994 krkrkrk KRK008]
  • kattracks [compilation 2000 krkrkrk KRK101]

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