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Palace at 4AM


Palace at 4am is an up and coming Dunedin four-piece fronted by singer/guitarist Emma Milburn, along with Arclife Records sound-man supremo Thomas Bell (bass – also currently in David Kilgour’s Heavy Eights), Gregg Cairns (percussion) and Lesley Paris (ex-Look Blue Go Purple / Flying Nun Records label-head – drums).

We named palace at 4am from the Alberto Giacometti sculpture of that name. i kind of like the links with the futurist/surrealist art movements and, with music, the whole space/time thing…” “…so some of my lyrics come from this and, in the case of my song the palace at 4am, there’s a direct quote from Giacometti’s comment on his sculpture

Emma Milburn (NZEPC Interview)

Milburn also composes for the intriguing Palo/Ona, who released their debut album Star of the Sea in 1999, with Palace at 4am’s debut released in 2004.


  • Palace at 4am (2004)

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