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One Million Dollars

Slick Auckland-based soul-funk-pop collective led by vocalist/guitarist Richard Setford. They made a big impression with their live performances, including quite a bit of television exposure around the nationwide National Anthem charity event, plus supporting Black Eyed Peas and high profile festival slots overseas.

Spent a year and a half recording their debut LP at the Sugarlicks studio, churning through members along the way, with only 3 members returning for sophomore release ‘Soup Kitchen‘ in 2006.

A live-to-the-desk 3rd LP ‘Stand up to the shakedown’ was recorded and released in 2007 as a bookend to the group. Singer/bandleader Setford turned his attention to his other projects (Batucada Sound Machine and the solo project Bannerman) before moving to Berlin in 2013.




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