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Miltown Stowaways


Miltown Stowards were a short-lived Auckland pop group with ska, jazz and funk overtones that featured Fiona Anderson (who later became the head of Vodafone NZ), Brent ‘Sid’ Pasley, Kelly Rogers, Grant Hewson, Mark Dansey and Benny Staples. Known for fantastic live energy.

Formed quickly after the demise of popular out The Newmatics, the new band put together their debut EP ‘Hired Togs’ within 4 weeks of forming, but pressing issues delayed the release a half a year.

The band were the benefactors of Auckland City Council’s PEP scheme music workshops, working with famed musical director Ivan Zagni, whilst stand-up drummer Benny Staples was part of a collective that formed the Unsung Music independent label.

Funky bass, choppy guitar, smooth horns and strangled vocals make this New Zealand sextet a challenging musical proposition. The political lyrics are strongly worded, but not preachy or prosaic. This album isn’t exactly my idea of a good time, but indicative of great skill and abundant imagination. When it works, it’s impressive.

Ira Robbins – Trouser Press

After a Sweetwaters appearance, Anderson left the group in mid-1983. The group kept up their early momentum, releasing their debut full length in October and touring both the North and South Islands. However things came to a swift conclusion when Rogers, Pasley and Staples all departed for London.



  • Tension Melle (1983, Unsung Music, UN12)
  • Hired Togs 12″ EP (1983, Propeller, REV23)
  • Strong and True 12″ (1983, Unsung Music, UN012)
  • Invitation 12″ EP (1983, Hit Singles, HITM013)


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