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The Jumblies


One of the least-known Flying Nun Records releases, ‘Stuff of Dreams‘ was the 7″ debut from The Jumblies – the pop-punky Christchurch duo of Claire Timings and Peter Arnold recorded at Nightshift Studios in 1984:

The Jumblies are in fact eccentric bass player Peter Arnold, who did it all here, with the help of Clare Timings on rhythm guitar and (very good) backing vocals. Let me say here its let down by a wretched mix which throws the cheap drum machine into the foreground and which must be forgiven.

Stuff of Dreams‘ is a personal declaration of independence, delivered with twisted, slightly familiar phrasing. The re-arrangement of ‘Tears of a Clown‘ displays real insight – someone could actually make this version a big hit. ‘Trouble Sleeping‘ is an old My Three Sons song, I think, wherein lies lots of funky bass, a clever, wordy lyrics, a chorus that reminds me of The Axemen for some reason and the best production.

Russell Brown – Shake Summation (Rip It Up magazine)
The Jumblies – Stuff of Dreams

Arnold would somehow manage a 2nd rare release for Flying Nun on 1986; that time performing under his own name and the with appropriate title ‘Rarer than Radium’.


  • Claire Timings (guitar / vocals)
  • Peter Arnold (bass / guitar / vocals)



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