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Peter Arnold


Jangly drum-machine propelled indie pop from Christchurch multi-instrumentalist and member of The Jumblies Peter Arnold, who put out an EP (also with Claire Timings) on Flying Nun Records in 1986.

Rustic flavourings with an uncanny psychedelic seepage, Rarer Than Radium is an EP recorded in a refreshingly simple style in a largely acoustic context. Arnold, with accompanist Claire Timings, has produced a record which, while short on song memorability, has a deft, insidious charm entirely attributable to the layered atmospheres. Listen to ‘Vision’ with its pleasant backwards guitar, and the resolutely nasty sentiments of ‘Anna Who Hates Me’. 6/10

Gary Steel


  • Peter Arnold (The Jumblies, guitar / bass / vocals / toy keyboard / toy autoharp)
  • Claire Timings (The Jumblies, vocals / guitar)



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