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The Features

[the features ‘city scenes/secret/police wheels’] our first single, recorded at mascot studios for a cost of $1100, which left me with a shortfall of $700, sold about 1000 over three or four weeks…breaking even was never our strong point! a wonderful record, full of angst, which summed up auckland pretty much for me thenrn- simon grigg: taken from griggs’ propeller archive website

jed town, karel van bergen, chris orange and james picker. a short lived auckland punk band who managed to make it on to the excellent and highly recommended ak79 compilation. jed town went on to form the highly bizarre fetus productions.
picks in bold

  • ‘city scenes’/’secret’/’police wheels’ 7″ single [1980 propeller REV1] rn
  • perfect features exposed ep [1980 propeller REV6] rn

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