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Dribbling Darts


Originally called Dribbling Darts of Love (after a line from Shakespeares play ‘Measure for Measure’), Dribbling Darts was an Auckland-based song-writing vehicle for Matthew Bannister (guitar / vocals), supported initially by Alice Bulmer (violin) and Alan Gregg (bass). Bannister formed the trio in 1989 when he moved North from Dunedin, bringing to an end Sneaky Feelings – which had been an active band since 1980.

Initially a mostly acoustic, drummer-less bedroom band, Dribbling Darts eventually recruited Richard Foulkes Junior on drums – however he only lasted during the recording of their 2nd EP; eventually replaced by Bannisters former Sneakies bandmate Ross Burge.

In 1993 the group released ‘Present Perfect’, and album of catchy and snappy indie-rock with melodic, whimsical vocals – highlighted by their top-40 hit ‘Hey Judith’. The album had been mostly recorded at home by Bannister using a sequencer/sampler, with Burge and Gregg spending more time playing with The Mutton Birds.

Despite the success of the single the album didn’t quite perform as well as expected, and Bannister had ended the group by the end of the year.

Bannister would eventually be back in the public eye when he released his auto-biographical history of Sneaky Feelings and Dunedin pop entitled ‘Positively George Street’. The book was critical of how his groups had been ignored by those writing about the hey-days of the ‘Dunedin Sound‘ bands.


  • Matthew Bannister (One Man Bannister, Sneaky Feelings, The Weather, The Changing Same, guitar / keyboards / vocals, 1989 – 1993)
  • Alice Bulmer (The Weather, violin / vocals / keyboards, 1989 – 1993)
  • Alan Gregg (The Mutton Birds, The Remarkables, Three Leaning Men, bass / vocals, 1989 – 1993)
  • Ross Burge (The Mutton Birds, Spines, Drums, 1993)
  • Richard Foulkes Jr (Regulators, Otis Mace and the Psychic Pet Healers, drums, 1989  – 1991)



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