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The Doomed


Perhaps the closest to true English punk of the original Christchurch Mollett Street scene.

The Doomed formed in June [1977] around the guitar / bass duo of Ian Costello and Pete McKelvie, who were joined a few weeks later by vocalist Richard Driver and drummer Tony Millar, for subsequent band practices at Rolleston Hall.

The Doomed were the Christchurch punk band who proved most firmly based in the provocative tradition of the Sex Pistols and English punk. Driver and Millar took on ‘punk’ names, becoming Johnny Abort and Les Percussions. In their haste to work up a set of ‘authentic’ punk rock, the band infamously made a meal of one of the few actual punk rock records to gain local release in 1977, “The Roxy London WC2” album, which formed the bulk of their live set for almost their entire career.

The band learned almost all of “The Roxy..” and the band’s live debut at Mollet St in November Driver was also wont to include many of the exaggeratedly ‘punk’ (i.e. deliberately grating, thuggish ‘working-class’ English accents) announcements and monologues in between the songs.

From Wade Churton (in his triple essay book ‘Glam, Punk and Scorched Earth Policy’


  • Ian Costello (Guitar, 1977 – 1978?)
  • Pete McKelvie (Bass, 1977 – 1978?)
  • Richard Driver (Vocals, 1977 – 1978?)
  • Tony Millar (Drums, 1977 – 1978?)



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