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Dead Centre

nelson diy punk.

formed in 1988, as a four piece. split 1990. reformed 1993, as a three piece, same members, minus singer. vocals now by mike and rik. split again 1998. members – mike – guitars/vocals, rik – drums/vocals, jon – bass/backing vocals. mike puke went on to form his own dunedin punk outfit the pukes. we also came very close to having a cd (old, new, and live). i sent a dat to a cd manufacturer, who refused to make it, because of the cd artwork, which they thought was offensive. i asked for the dat to be sent back, but never saw it again, even though they said they had mailed it. the band broke up a short time later, so the cd never ended up being made.rn- mike puke


picks in bold

  • live! pissed and out of it 7″ [1994]
  • dead centre 8″ lathe-cut [1994 self-released]
  • the worst of… lathe cut [1995 ruff as guts]
  • dead centre cd [*1998 unreleased]

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