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Crystal Zoom


General craziness in musical form at the hand of Michael Weston and his troops Bruce Mahalski, Eric Neuman and Nathan McConnell.

The Dunedin music compilation But I Can Write Songs OK includes their brilliant stars-on-45 take on Flying Nun Records bands ‘Dunedin sound on 45’, and even featured guest appearances from some of the targets – David Kilgour and Martin Phillips.

Most of their material is pretty hard to get hold of – only the Flying Nun Records single seems to have any internet presence circa 2023, however the group did release a live album split with early John Collie outfit Gamaunche, plus another cassette (presumably on Paul Lurkers Industrial Tapes label – though no record of it’s release exists) in 1985. Bruce Mahalski now has an active SoundCloud account with includes some of the original recordings.


  • Michael Weston (Black Girl’s Machine, guitar / bass)
  • Bruce Mahalski (Let’s Get Naked, vocals)
  • Eric Neuman (bass)
  • Nathan McConnell (drums)
  • Nick Neill (drums)
  • Barry Blackler (The Exponents, The Starlings, drums)
  • Robin Murphy (Let’s Get Naked, bass)
  • Simon Arasingham (synth)
  • Rob Brown (bass)
  • Laurence Landwer-Johan (Screaming Meemees, drums)


  • Live At The Ego Club (1984, Zoom Tapes, w/ Gamaunche)
  • Hooked On Crystal Zoom (Zoom Productions)
  • ‘Uptown Sheep’/’Dunedin Sound On 45’ 7″ Single (1985, Flying Nun Records, FN030)
  • More Base cassette (1985)


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