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Belle Motions


The Belle Motions were a fine pop blast, strongly melodic and guitar led.

They didn’t make much of an impact locally but I remember enjoying the chiming guitar tones and melodies of this band. The band played with guitars handmade by Scott, and Wilson played an eight stringed Hagstrum, which featured a higher octave string next to each of the normal strings.

Ollie Scott is a world authority on Buster Keaton and has written a definitive book on him.

– Rob Mayes at Failsafe Records

Belle Motions sole recording ‘Living‘ was included on Failsafe RecordsBiding Out Time’ compilation.

David Toland also played with The Playthings, Springloader, Chicane, and Future Stupid.


  • Donna Sheene (Vocals/Guitar, 1986?)
  • Ollie Scott (Guitars, 1986?)
  • David Toland (Drums, 1986?)
  • Mark Wilson (Bass, 1986?)




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