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The And Band


Extremely discordant and unusual Christchurch-based 4-piece comprised of George Henderson, Susan Ellis, Richard Sedger and Mark Thomas. Put out a joint untitled and notoriously hard to find EP with Perfect Strangers in 1982, before Thomas left the band for their sister outfit, replaced by Lindsay Cooke.

The And Band were an outgrowth of influential but undiscovered Wellington punk-oddities The Spies. When feed up with the limitations of the Wellington scene, the band, along with several of their friends relocated to a small Christchurch flat, sharing a recording space (and the actual 4-track) with the perfect strangers.

The And Band and Perfect Strangers basically shut themselves inside for 6 months, working together to pool their resources and struggling to find any opportunities to play live (their and in particular Perfect Strangers free-form approach to playing was hardly a crowd-pleaser).

Both bands essentially split on the release of the EP, with members scattering across New Zealand. Henderson soon established the long-time underground favorites The Puddle and has achieved a bit of cult celebrity for his unusual approach to making music. The EP stands as an intriguing document of two notoriously outcast bands.


  • George Henderson (Drums, 1982)
  • Mark Thomas (Guitar/Vocals, 1982)
  • Richard Sedger (Bass, 1982)
  • Susan Ellis (Keyboards, 1982)


  • Noli Me Tangere 7″ EP (w/ Perfect Strangers 1982, Self-Released, PR1041)
  • Noli Me Tangere 7″ EP (w/ Perfect Strangers 2017 Reissue, Look Plastic/Noisyland, LPN75)



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