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The And Band


Extremely discordant and unusual Christchurch-based 4-piece comprised of George Henderson, Susan Ellis, Richard Sedger and Mark Thomas. Put out a joint untitled and notoriously hard to find EP with Perfect Strangers in 1981.

The And Band were an outgrowth of influential but undiscovered Wellington punk-oddities The Spies. When feed up with the limitations of the Wellington scene, the band, along with several of their friends relocated to a small Christchurch flat, sharing a recording space (and the actual 4-track) with the perfect strangers.

The And Band and Perfect Strangers basically shut themselves inside for 6 months, working together to pool their resources and struggling to find any opportunities to play live (their and in particular Perfect Strangers free-form approach to playing was hardly a crowd-pleaser).

Both bands essentially split on the release of the EP, with members scattering across New Zealand. Henderson soon established the long-time underground favorites The Puddle and has achieved a bit of cult celebrity for his unusual approach to making music. The EP stands as an intriguing document of two notoriously outcast bands.


  • George Henderson (Guitar/Organ/Vocals)
  • Mark Thomas (Guitar/Vocals, 1982)
  • Richard Sedger (Bass, 1982)
  • Susan Ellis (Keyboards, 1982)
  • Lindsay Maitland


  • Noli Me Tangere 7″ EP (w/ Perfect Strangers 1981, Self-Released, PR1041)
  • Noli Me Tangere 7″ EP (w/ Perfect Strangers 2017 Reissue, Look Plastic/Noisyland, LPN75)


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think that record was 1981. also george played guitar & organ & sang, he probably drummed occasionally but that certainly is not among his primary instrumental skillz haha. mark thomas didn’t quit the AB to join the PS, he was in both simultaneously, & by “lindsay cooke” you probably mean lindsay maitland. some day someone may write a book about this band (/these bands), probably not tho.

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