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Live: Seth Frightening, Glass Vaults, Disasteradio!

October 14th, 2011 at Darkroom

After last nights late night at the Brewery it was nice to get to a venue like Darkroom to catch Seth Frightening and Glass Vaults in a more welcoming environment.

The Archive (Darkroom’s parent building which also houses Galaxy Records and the new RDU permanent studio) is quickly becoming one of my favorite places, with great shows, warm hosts, fantastic drinks, home-made snacks and brilliant events.

Seth Frightening carried on from last night, reveling the crowd in their fuzzy, involving and enveloping sound. Glass Vaults were again top-notch, drawing the crowd forward with their hypnotic sound, driven by that killer percussion (though I did have to rescue the floor tom from collapsing mid-set).

Returning to Christchurch for the first time in a long while and after a European tour and Internet semi-stardom (have you seen all those remakes of his ‘gravy rainbow’ video?), Disasteradio! was a bit ill, but soldiered one like a trooper, with his usual self-depreciating humor and fantastic stage performance. The vocally driven numbers like the classic ‘hotline’ and the brilliant ‘no pulse’ were particular crowd favorites, with Zak (of Bang Bang Eche / Teen Fortress) filling in on vocals for Christina. Great fun, as is the new album ‘Charisma’, available as a pay-what-you-want purchase – even the vinyl LP!

Check out the rest of the photos here.

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