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Live Flashback: Dux Live Double-Header

Goodshirt and Sleepy Age

At Dux Live, June 15th 2012

Ok, a couple of big shows at Dux Live this weekend; firstly Goodshirt returned after what seems like a decade, playing material from their to-be-released comeback EP plus a string of their catchy earlier singles.

Sleepy Age were just phenomenal in support, playing in a new line-up with three (sassy) backup singers.

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RDU Round Up Winners: Ipswich

At Dux Live, June 17th 2012

The 2nd show was Saturday’s final of the RDU 2012 Round-Up band competition, won by the talented up-n-coming lads Ipswich.

Only got the chance to see Ipswich, but they were a lot of fun, with the crowd moshing around to ‘Alien vs. Sexual Predator‘. Choice.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

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