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Very very popular and creative Auckland band that shot immediately into the public eye with their brilliant self-produced, home-made music videos and infectious pop songs; flush with heavy doses of synth in the style of The Cars. Its members are Gareth Thomas, brothers Murray and Rodney Fisher and drummer Mike Beehre.

After an ep with a self-titled single, the band hit even greater fortune with follow-up singles and their debut album, touring the country to packed out orientation crowds through-out 2001 and 2002.

Goodshirt continued to draw crowds with the release of the sophmoric release Fiji Baby, but sales declined – probably due to the lead-off singles not really containing the same infectious spark of their previous releases (though the single Fiji Baby is a lovely low-key pop number). Needless to say the band continues to tour relentlessly, and even managed a high-profile appearance at the south-by-southwest festival in Austin, Texas before going on hiatus on the last day of 2005.

The group then re-appeared in late 2011 before releasing a new EP in May 2012.


  • Goodshirt Ep [2000 EMI]
  • ‘Green’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • Good [2001 EMI 5350602]
  • ‘Sophie’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • ‘Place To Be’ Cd Single [EMI]
  • ‘Buck It Up’ Cd Single [2003 EMI 5539022]
  • Fiji Baby [2004 EMI 5770902]
  • ‘Fiji Baby’ Cd Single [2004 EMI]
  • ‘Lucy’ Cd Single [2004 EMI]
  • Skinny Mirror Ep [May 2012]


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