David Kilgour

This week I got to interview one of my idols – New Zealand Music legend David Kilgour; who’s song-writing, singing and guitar-work has been a cornerstone of the New Zealand sound since the Clean first surfaced in 1979.
Tell me about your new album ‘The Far Now’. Rather than producing the album in the States (like 2004’s ‘Frozen Orange’ Nashville), this latest album is a purely back-home release?
In a lot of ways the recording of Frozen Orange in nashville came about by serendipity and coincidence. The Far Now approach was to record when we had a song or two or three, keep them fresh and then wait till the next batch turned up and so on and so forth.The Far Now was released in the USA on Merge and in Australia on Remote Control.

The Album was produced with the Heavy Eights, Solo, and with the help of Alan Starrett what did Alan bring to the project?
Once we had the basic tracks recorded Alan came up to my house and recorded for a day. I think all his contributions were pretty much recorded in one hit. I tend to let Alan do whatever he wants on whatever instruments he feels suits the track. Alan is very good at first takes being his best takes.

Are you a collaborative song-writer?
Well I co wrote a lot of songs with the Clean etc. And more and more the Heavy 8s are contributing to the songs. Especially Alan and Tony

Dawn of Azazel

productive and professional auckland black metal outfit comprised of rigel walshe (bass / vocals), tony angelov (guitar), phill osborne (drums) and joe bonnet (guitar). formed in 1997 and with a whole swag of independent releases to their name. the band undertook an ambitious european tour in 2004 – after their debut commercially-released album the law of the strong was released on polish label agonia records.
picks in bold

  • of bloodshed and eternal victory (demo) [1999 self-released]
  • vita est militia super terram (demo) [2000 self-released]
  • bloodforged abdication 7″ [2002 hellflame productions]
  • the law of the strong [2003 agonia records]

DD Smash

dave dobbyn‘s early 80s pop outfit, with peter warryn, rob guy, lisle kinney, scott calhoun, ian morris, gary langsfor and andrew clouston. big singles with ‘devil you know’, ‘whaling’ and of course the staple ‘outlook for thursday’ (which dark tower sampled in the early 00s, and featured dobbyn providing backing vocals), and were hugely successful with their 3 albums from 1981 to 85.
picks in bold

  • cool bananas [1982 mushroom L37832]
  • deep in the heart of texas [1983 live recording mushroom L29016]
  • the optimist [1984 mushroom L38225]

awards etc
rianz awards 1982

  • album of the year ‘cool bananas’rn
  • top group of the year dd smashrn
  • most promising male vocalist dave dobbynrn
  • top male vocalist dave dobbynrn
  • sound engineer of the year paul streekstra/doug rogersrn
  • producer of the year ian morrisrn
  • cover design of the year wayne robinsonrn

rianz awards 1983

  • single of the year ‘outlook for thursday’rn
  • album of the year ‘deep in the heart of taxes’rn
  • top group of the year dd smashrn
  • top male vocalist dave dobbynrn
  • best music video of the year ‘outlook for thursday’rn


hamilton hardcore featuring sean and lindz who were nz distributors of profane existence and flat earth records.
picks in bold

  • profane death clown 7″ lathe-cut ep [profane earth records earth001]
  • force fed, the backlash [profane earth records earth002]


Melodic guitar textural band from a musically-reborn Roy Montgomery, who was noteably absent from the New Zealand music scene after the demise of the Pin Group in the early 80s. Kim Pieters sparse vocals add a lot to their charismatic sound, and a relaxed approach (only spiked by the legendary Peter Stapleton‘s occassional drumming) is very involving stuff.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Nicotine’ / ‘High Time’ 7″ Single [1991 Majora]
  • ‘Scratch Sun’ / ‘Radio Brain’ 7″ Single [1991 Xpressway / Majora]
  • This Is Not A Dream [1992 Imd / Majora Vgap-Lp-5750]
  • This Is Not A Dream Cd Reissue [1994 Krany Krank002]



live independent black metal act that even managed a support slot for pantera back in 2001. originally formed in 1992 after the demise of guitar/vocalist xanataph’s former band bloodwych, with a succession of line-ups eventually settling jude (guitar), jim (bass) and kori (drums) for the recording of their debut album.
line-up changes again followed through-out the 1990s with drummers and guitarists coming and going, with even the only founding member (xanataph) forming a side-line, the solo recording beltane.
picks in bold

  • ‘happy birthday’/’those 12 wunches may’ lathe-cut ep [self-released]
  • neodeath [1997 self-released]
  • death by will [self-released]

Julian Dashper

previously based in auckland and now attaining artist residencies across the globe, dashper is one of new zealand’s most internationally recognised artists. in the mid to late 1990s dashper produce a swag of limited edition lathe-cut 7″ singles, and 2 one-sided 12″ releases he recorded as musical backings for his gallery displays – mostly released on circle records. each release is presented in one of dashpers own striking covers – which remain as signature pieces in his artistic archive.
picks in bold

  • untitled 7″ lathe-cut [1997 circle records]
  • leaving for heathrow 7″ lathe-cut [1997 circle records]
  • august 1997: ‘transversala utrinkov’/’transversala utrinkov (bravo)’ 7″ lathe-cut [1997 circle records]
  • luxus 7″ lathe-cut [luxus]
  • abstract abstract 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • studio songs #1: ‘december in dusseldorf’/’untitled’ 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • ‘rar’/’cook island bus passanger transport ltd.’ 7″ lathe-cut [room records]
  • studio songs #2: ‘yes yesterday’/’cops’ 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • dear leo 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • studio songs #3: ‘untitled’/’go away’ 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • studio songs #4: live at dpag: ‘god knows’/’saved messages’ 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • be it lett 7″ lathe-cut [1999 circle records]
  • pebbles 7″ lathe-cut [1999 circle records]
  • ‘temple of glorie’/’lacenaire’ 7″ lathe-cut [1999 luxus]
  • stuff: ‘julian dashper, new zealand’/’untitled’ 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • motorway schools: ‘untitled’/’untitled’ 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • this is the last light of europe: ‘questa √® l’ultima luce da topol√≤’/’untitled’ 7″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • thin ice one-sided 12″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • europe one-sided 12″ lathe-cut [circle records]
  • john nixon/julian dashper 7″ lathe-cut [w/ john dixon circle records]
  • gate experience (parts 1-4) 7″ lathe-cut [w/ gate precious metal]

Dead Pan Rangers

hamilton-based indie-pop outfit with a good reputation but little publicity. dating back to 1997 (originally called mystery machine), the band has released a couple of songs to the b-net stations, and in 2004 they’re releasing their sophmore release.
picks in bold

  • dead pan rangers [2002 cockroach records]
  • we’ve done so much good for so many people [2004 cockroach records]


origianlly a christchurch group based on (the teen angels) aman pilgrim’s song-writing, and completed by james ‘noizyboy’ guthrie (also of cinematic) and greg hitzel (atomic blossom), who was replaced by whetham allpress when the band relocated to the united states. basically playing a grungey take on pop-rock, the band have had to deal with their members being split across the globe, with releases coming out through american label dirge.
picks in bold

  • that clean fresh taste 7″ lathe-cut ep [self-released]
  • democity ep [1995 dirge]
  • super 8 mayhem [1997 dirge]
  • she’s the bomb [1999 dirge]