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Wellington based 3-piece indie-pop / rock’n’roll outfit who formed in 2001 and have since released a handful of singles and eps on the start-up Rock-O-Tronic label and Melbourne label Popboomerang. They get ‘new-wave’ thrown at them as a stylistic leaning thanks to their keyboards, and their songs are doused with power-punk guitar-fuzz, with the occasional Wire cover thrown in for good measure.


  • Collapsed Stars Cd EP [2004 Popboomerang Pb012]
  • ‘Collapsed Stars’ / ‘Falko (Redux)’ / ‘Ex Lion Tamer (Live)’ 3″ Cd Single [2003 Rock-O-Tronic Rock! 3004]
  • ’66’ / ‘An Alternative’ (Demo) / ‘While I Cry’ 3″ Cd Single [2003 Rock-O-Tronic Rock! 3002]
  • Sweethearts Of The Radio Ep [2002 Rock-O-Tronic Rock! 5001]


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