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Incredibly young band who impressed during their short existence in 1983-4, narrowly losing to the whiteboys in the 1984 battle of the bands, the Triffids were sort of pre dance based guitar pop, a band in development. Their music was bouncy rhythmic stuff, and they probably owned a lot of British postcard pop and bands like 23 Skidoo, and Scritti Politti. They consisted of Marc Howe (Bass), Jamie Mccabe (Vocals) and Craig Gurny (Drums) all of the bands Verve, Burn and Rocket Monster, plus Ben Stockwell (Guitar). Howe went on to
moderate success with both Breathing Cage and Surfing USSR.

The band hit problems with their own perception of their music, and the inevitable drugs, and split. They released 2 tracks, both appearing on Failsafe records compilations. Howe has continued his love of music and is presently studying jazz at the Christchurch Polytech Jazz School. His father was a jazz player who performed with Miles Davis.
– Rob Mayes



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