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The Topp Twins

The highly popular and vaguely political country comedy cabaret duo of lesbian twins Lynda and Jools Topp.

Years of playing camping grounds, festivals and all sorts of alternative venues have turned the Topps into a household name in New Zealand, eventually becoming television stars with their scattered performances. Their performances include country yodel sing-a-longs, any number of sketch-character setups (usually with crowd involvement), and of course spoon solos.

The Topp Twins came of age as performers in the early ’80s during the heady days of political protesting. They were very much at the forefront of the struggle for anti-apartheid, nuclear-free NZ, Maori land rights and the homosexual law reform. As out lesbians since 1977 (when the main press refused to print the word) the Topp Twins have always been visible and proud about their sexual identity. The twins’ ability to relate to all kinds of people, and their gift for humor, has ensured that this is not an issue. One of the unique qualities of the Topp Twins is that they have successfully crossed from the fringes to the mainstream.
John Prentice


  • Topp Twins Go Vinyl [1982 EMI]
  • Twinset And Pearls [1984 EMI]
  • No War In My Heart [1988 EMI]
  • Wear Something Sexy [1991 EMI]
  • Hightime [1992 EMI]
  • Two Timing [1994 EMI]


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