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Teen X-Ray

Gfrenzy and Pumice‘s Steffan ‘Level’ Neville started Teen X-Ray in Hamilton back in 1993. Over the years they’ve managed to put out a few releases despite being scattered across the country (and even the world), though the band finally relocated together in 2001, setting up shop in Auckland, along with new bass player (the cryptically dubbed) Mr Magic Reggae Magic.


  • Ballad Of Vince Neil Cassette [1994 Plop]
  • Reckless Cassette [1994 Plop]
  • Steves Recipe Cassette [1994 Plop]
  • Angst Cassette [1995 Plop]
  • Joys Of Pig Hunting Double Cassette [1995 Plop]
  • Jelly Cassette [1996 M60 / A Stabbies And The Rocket Recording]
  • ‘The 1st Song Off Angst’/’Long Gone’ Lathe Cut 7″ [1996 A Stabbies And The Rocket Recording]
  • Man Planned Speilburg Rape Cassette [1997 Root Don Lonie For Cash Rdl044]
  • Skullmobile Cassette / Lathe Cut[1997 A Stabbies And The Rocket Recording]


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