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The Sneaks

Another great Auckland rock act to emerge from the mid 00s. The Sneaks have a enough fucking around, get to the chorus mentally, throwing up ridiculously catch pop songs that seem to emerge from a writhing mass of noise and fury – their single ‘Kuzai Heart You Girl’ is one of my favourite songs, and an instant party on the dance floor.

Sporting scientist coats and mysteriously knob-twisting (the group possess a rather nifty sine-wave generator) the 4-some consists of James Dansey (Keys And Vox), Daniel Ward (Drums), Matt Rayment (Bass) and Martin Keane (Guitar and Effects, Vocals) and released their schorching 14-minute, 6-song debut ep on Rob Jeffersons’ newly established some confusion label. Around 2005 Matt Rayment left the group, and the remaining trio carried on, releasing their Sophmore EP ‘Peep Sounds’ and self-titled album in 2007 before relocating to England.

The trio of Dansey, Ward and Keane continued playing shows in the United Kingdom, and were soon supporting the likes of Lawrence Arabia in English and European tours. A further EP trickled out in 2010 as the group returned to New Zealand.


  • You All Suck Ep [2005 Some Confusion Dazed001]
  • Peep Sounds Ep [2007 Some Confusion Dazed002]

  • The Sneaks [2007]
  • Today EP [2010]
  • Bubble Gum America / Duane Leinan [2011]


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