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The Shrugs

The Shrugs originally got together as the Hamilton trio of Richie Ranum, Neil Ramsey and Geoff Doube in 2000, after several line-up changes (cHris Metcalfe came and went after replacing Ranum, and Ramsey’s replacement Rob Smith eventually gave way to Natalie McKelvey) the line-up finally settled on central figure Geoff Doube (Guitar / Vocals), Gordon Bassett (Bass) and Natalie Mckelvey (Drums).

A simple, no-frills approach to power-pop rock, the trio have recorded a series of low-key releases in quick succession on their own Waysafe inprint and recently signed to Auckland label Powertool Records for A Slight Hitch – their 2nd full-length. They followed this up with the release of 3rd album An Awkward Silence, with new drummer (ex-Trucker) Paul Tregilgas.


  • Music Cd With Pop Songs Ep [2001 Waysafe]
  • ‘Sorry Ian’/’Marmalade’ Cd Single [2002 Waysafe]
  • ‘I Don’T Know What I’M Doing’/’Spiders Come’ Cd Single [2002 Waysafe]
  • November Ep [2002 Waysafe]
  • Ambivilence At The Bottom Of A Cliff Cd Single [2003 Waysafe]
  • The Doggler Effect [2003 Waysafe]
  • A Slight Hitch [2004 Powertool Records Pt010]
  • The Doggler Effect Reissue [2005 Powertool Records Pt026]
  • An Awkward Silence [2005 Powertool Records Pt042]


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