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The Shocking and Stunning


Started life as Christchurch-based teen instrumental duo The Shocking and Stunning Statement, eventually relocated to Wellington and dropped the ‘Statement‘. The majority of their activity came during the early 2010’s – 6 EPs and a couple singles, before the duo re-appeared in 2019 with their self-titled debut album, featuring a mix of re-recorded older tracks and new material.

Both Jack Hooker (guitar and electronics) and Samuel Lovrich-FitzPatrick (drums) are talented musicians, and their music is hugely emotive and powerful – the electronic flourishes expand their palette substantially.



  • The Shocking and Stunning Statement EP (2010, self-released)
  • I’ve met them, they were ***** EP (2011, self-released)
  • ‘Danger’ single (2012, self-released)
  • 17th century disco horse EP (2012, self-released)
  • Music to New Light (score) EP (2012, self-released)
  • These walls will shout (live recording 2013, self-released)
  • We will fight you EP (2013, self-released)
  • The Shocking and Stunning (2019, self-released)


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