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Swagger Jack

‘Swagger Jack’ is something else entirely. Jacks my hillbilly-punk songwriting character (a hard-drinking embittered feral/hippy idealist who records occasionally ‘rattly’ and violent, but often ‘pretty’ (in a melancholy way) acoustic numbers on battery powered 4-trks in doc huts and hardly ever goes to town).

He’s meant to be someone other than me (..!), a way to sing poppy folksongs without getting too hung up on ‘the word’ (see post-structuralist crisis…) but seems to be morphing more and more into antony milton these days though which is something of a disturbing trend!
Antony Milton; taken from the [now sadly defunt] website

Earlier (mid 90s) lo-fi recordings from Antony Milton, all released on his own Wire Bridge label as cassettes. It looks like Milton still has these recordings available directly from his Pseudoarcana / Wire Bridge Website as he’s been converting these releases to CD-r.


  • Free Today, And Tomorrow Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb010]

  • Live At The Space Cassette [W/ Demarnia Lloyd / The Mr. Sterile Ensemble Wire Bridge Wrb011]

  • Gorse Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb012]

  • Flaying Begets Shelter Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb013]

  • My Good Guts Cassette / CD-r [Wire Bridge Wrb013]


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