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The Stoutfellows


Christchurch Celtic Rock who played all the local Irish pubs all across New Zealand (and occasionally Australia) from 1999 to 2002.

Made up of members of a number of local hard rock groups. Recorded an album at Blast Studios in 2000.


  • Dan McMillan (Pistol Grip, drums)
  • Nick Laird (Beggars & Thieves, mandolin / guitar / vocals)
  • Peter Malthus (Pistol Grip, The Valves, bass / vocals)
  • Scott Spatcher-Harrison (Human, Bulletbelt, guitar / vocals)
  • Geoff Snowsil (mandolin / vocals)
  • Andrew Boon (mandolin)
  • Simon Fox (Beggars & Thieves, drums)


  • The Stoutfellows (1999, self-released)
  • Stout FM (2000, self-released)


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