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Smart Russians


Pop-funky 3/4-piece Christchurch act from the mid 80s. Made an appearance on Radio with Pictures article on the current state of Christchurch live music (in 1984):

Four songs on a tape from Christchurch. Smart Russians are a well-recorded, disciplined post-progressive bunch. On ‘1-And-A-Half Minutes’ and ‘Hell’ in particular, they sound impressively like a Genesis before they lost their dynamism and got the pomp… if anyone can remember as far back as that! Reminds me of nothing less than one of my favourite obscuro bands, Random Hold. But what does that mean to anybody? Available for $3.50 from Box 13411, Christchurch. 6/10

Review of ‘Heartbeat’ single by Gary Steel

Also made an appearance on ‘Nightshift 2’ – a compilation of groups that recorded at Arnie van Bussell’s Nightshift studio in the mid 1980s, plus The Chills keyboardist Andrew Todd was a one-time member.


  • Rick McIntyre (bass / vocals)
  • Arni Webb (guitar)
  • Kevin Kroll (drums)
  • Andrew Todd (The Chills, keyboards)


  • Heartbeat (1984, Red Records and Tapes)


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