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Sean James Donnelly – production whizz, class bass-player, and thoroughly uneven song-writer. In 2003 Sjd was thrust into the spotlight after years of touring support and assisting production for the likes of Shayne Carters’ Dimmer with the debut of his hugely popular Lost Soul Music full-length, and increasingly prolific appearances on television and in advertising, which then followed through to the release of follow-up Southern Lights in 2004.

SJD’s music is a combination of electronic and live instrumentation, with songs featuring a bevy of fine New Zealand musicians making contributions (David Kilgour making a particularly stunning appearance on guitar on the excellent single ‘From A To Be Or Not To Be’). His live appearances however, have have gone down as either electrifying (witness the stellar performance on charity tv event National Anthem) or simply tepid (several banal performances in 2004), perhaps due to the laid-back melodic and simply background approach to the music he’s making.

Circa 2007 SJD is hard at work in the studio preparing the fourth album, with a superstar support band featuring the talented Chris O’Conner (Drums), James Duncan (Guitar), Dominic Blazaar (Keys/BV’s) and Paul McLaney (Guitar/BV’s).


  • Lost Soul Music [2003 Round Trip Mars]
  • Southern Lights [2004 Round Trip Mars]
  • Southern Lights Pick’N’Mix Edition [2004 Round Trip Mars]
  • 3 [Round Trip Mars]


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