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Andrew Bell, Ken Chung, Chris Daly, Pat Roxburgh and Nick Scott.


  • Sing Sing Ep [1985 Ode Sodep217]
  • Owning The Sharks Ep [1986 Ode Sodep247]


3 thoughts on “Sing Sing”

  1. Kia ora,

    I think in days gone by a person could have a Username and Password to sign into your website (since I have one from days gone by), but that must have changed.

    On the Artists Pages for S Artists, the link for Sing Sing to Bandcamp goes to the wrong place. Sing Sing, the NZ band, now has a Bandcamp page and it is:

    If the admin person could amend that, we would really appreciate it.

    Nga mihi,
    Andrew Bell on behalf of Sing Sing

    1. Choice thanks for the heads up Andrew! I’ll sort that now. A lot of our 3rd party links are a bit broken these days… websites come and go.

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