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Semi Lemon Kola

Auckland based outfit started their time at the end of the eighties with a post shoe-gazey british sound. The band featured Tosh Graham – vocals, Rob Young – bass, Deryck Hunt – drums, Gareth Price – guitar. The band have stuck pretty strongly together and developed their sound progressively over the years. They self released as cassette in 94 and went on to release a couple of singles with a proper label, moving through the heavy guitar thang.

The band changed their name to Propeller and added a second guitarist in to the line up, making their sound a much more solid and melody driven affair. Their sound as of the end of 98 is focused powered pop. Quite good actually. They have recently self released a 12 track ep of out takes from their recent recordings.
– Rob Mayes


  • Before Heaven Cassette [1994 BMG]
  • 12 Shades of Heaven lathe-cut 7″ [1999 King Records Worldwide]


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