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Back in the early 00s, Scribe was a Christchurch lad, struggling to make his name on the local hip-hop scene. Tied to student radio station RDU and their various hip-hop shows and events along with buddy and Christchurch turntablism long-stayer Ali. When Ali formed the annual hip-hop summit out of Aranui and New Brighton, Scribe (along with the likes of Verse 2 and Shee-Lah-Roc) stood out as pivotal figures in the local, quickly expanding scene.

With the relocation of the hip-hop scene to Auckland in 2001, Ali and Scribe developed stronger ties with North Island crews – and over the course of the next few months tracks (‘Scribe 2001’, ‘Synchronise Thoughts’) starter appearing from rising DJ (and then C4 music-tv presenter) P-Money featuring Scribe. Pretty soon Scribe had his own record deal with Dirty records – a spin-off from Universal music specifically aimed to capture the exploding New Zealand hip-hop scene.

Over the course of later 2003 and in to 2004, Scribe became the biggest hip-hop act in New Zealand history, with a series of top-selling singles, punctuated by Not Many, an infectious vocal-remix of a track originally intended as just an intro that started a bit of a phenomenom, with the phrase ‘Not Many / If Any’ probably going down as the most memorable lyric of the past decade in New Zealand music. Scribes platinum-selling ascension was still rising in later 2004 with a successful venture to Australia, and an APRA song-writer of the year (collaboratively with P-Money) for ‘Not Many’.


  • The Crusader [2003 Dirty 337432]
  • ‘Stand Up’ Cd Single [2003 Dirty]
  • ‘Not Many (The Remix)’ 12″ [2003 Dirty]

Awards Etc
APRA Awards 2004

  • Silver Scroll: Scribe And P-Money – ‘Not Many’


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