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Royce T Doyster

..A loose cowpunk outfit that played a mixture of originals and country covers. Royce T Doyster got compared to the Violent Femmes a lot, mostly because people couldn’t see past the stand up drums. The band played 15 gigs altogether, the first at 303 Cashel St (a private venue in Christchurch at the time) in 1990, with the Axel Grinders, and the last one in 1993 in a warehouse in Litchfield st with a band called Cheese.
– Dave Clark

Christchurch outfit comprised of David Clark (aka Dragstrip – guitar / vocals), Chris Clements (bass / vocals) and Simon McLaren (Loves Ugly Children, Sleepers Union – stand-up drums / vocals).

They recorded one song, ‘Ukulele’, with David Wernham at a crappy studio that was run as part of the access scheme, (the government unemployment initiative of the time). ‘Ukulele’ received some airplay on student radio. Audio and video recordings were made of the first two shows at 303 Cashel st in 1990, the videos are hilarious because the guy that did them had a new-fangled sony effects unit which he proceeded to put over almost everything, they played two gigs in Dunedin with Sex Trash Automobile, won a busking competition and supported a touring comedy act at the university.


  • no major releases


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