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Push Push

before mikey havoc (and his eternal side-kick newsboy) became a local television celebrity pushing all sorts of depraved acts and general off-the-wall behavious to a young new zealand audience (brilliantly i might add.. though they tended to run jokes into the ground), havoc had huge success with the derivitive hair metal outfit push push.
‘trippin’ was a mammoth single, riding on the back of the likes of poison and motley crues success – but push push were never more than a novelty band. the line-up was completed by steve abplanalp, scott cortese, andy kane and the dubiously named ‘silver’. they did have a small follow-up hit with ‘song 27’ (and lesser with the bizarre chills cover ‘i love my leather jacket’), but by the time of their album release in 1992, their time had well since passed.


picks in bold

  • ‘trippin’ 7″ single [1992 tall poppy] rn
  • ‘song 27’ 7″ single [1992 tall poppy] rn
  • a trillion shades of happy [1992 tall poppy C30749] rn

awards etc
rianz awards 1991

  • top group of the year: push pushrn
  • best music video of the year: trippin’rn

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