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Paua Fritters


Auckland-based pop-outfit that managed an APRA song-writing nomination for 1998’s ‘Her Story’, after forming way back in 1991.

Guitarists / Vocalists Alice Mckenzie, Penny Laybourn and Hilda Mcclutchie were joined by percussionist Erwin van Asbeck and the band started playing out live in cafes, bars and even Victoria market.

After the low-rent ‘Harbour’ 3 song EP, Steve Garden produced their debut full-length ‘Paua to the people’, and the band were commended for their song-writing strengths.

Over the years the Paua Fritters returned to the 3-key founding members, with Kararaina Pene (drums) and Hew Jenkins coming on line recently.


  • Alice Mckenzie (guitar / vocals)
  • Penny Laybourn (guitar / vocals)
  • Hilda Mcclutchie (guitar / vocals)
  • Erwin van Asbeck (percussion)
  • Kararaina Pene (drums)
  • Hew Jenkins



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