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Out of the Compost


Wellington group from the late 1980’s; notably sponsored by the NZ Student Arts Council. A review of the debut EP turned up in Feminist magazine ‘Broadsheet’ and there’s a very short clip of them performing at the 1987 Mangawhai Women’s Festival.

This Wellington based band is made up of Karen Rush, Robin Nathan, Kirsty MacDonald and Barry Stockley. They use such instruments as a bamboo saxaphone, bowed bass, recorder, cowbell and eggs!

They have produced a delightful sound with lyrics that cover such subjects as a stray cat (“If the Cat Fips”), infatuation, (“Weather Talk”) a broken relationship when you keep seeing the ex-lover whenever you’re out, (“It’s Easiest”), and the poignant “Daddy’s Song” about domestic violence.

Broadsheet Magazine – Sept 1989

Robin Nathan would go on to join Charlotte Yates and actress/comedian Jackie Clarke in the satirical group ‘When the cat’s been spayed’.


  • Kirsty Macdonald (vocals / guitar / recorder / cello / percussion)
  • Robin Nathan (When The Cat’s Been Spayed, vocals / guitar / percussion / xylophone)
  • Karen Rush (Thin Red Line, vocals / guitar / harmonica / xylophone / percussion)
  • Barry Stockley (Cellophane, Largest Living Things, The Ancient Meat, bass / cello / recorder)


  • Scapings and Peelings (1987, Ode Records, SODE314)
  • Decomposition (1989, Ode Records, SODET316)
  • Out of the compost EP (1989, Ode Records, SODEP318)


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