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The alias of Pauly Fuemana, and taken from his former South Auckland hip-hop posse the Otara Millionaires Club, OMC somehow managed to have the most successful single in the history of New Zealand pop with the infectious ‘How Bizarre’ – a global phenomenon (and pretty much one-hit wonder) through-out 1995 and 1996.

OMC’s album was actually fairly well produced, featuring slick polynesian instrumentation, honey’d grooves, down-tempo vocals and the odd sentimental vocal (the New Zealand charting single ‘Land of Plenty’ being the obvious point of reference).

Always to be remembered more for the one-hit than the sound behind it, OMC continued to perform and record throughout the 1990’s, but by the 2000’s had fallen on tough times. With a royalties fallout with his producer Alan Jansson in 1998 and continued problems with drugs and alcohol, he faded from the public point of view until his death in  January 2010.


RIANZ Awards 1995

  • Single of the year ‘How Bizarre’
  • Most promising group of the year


Pauly Fuemana (Vocals etc )


  • ‘How Bizarre’ CD Single [1995 Huh HUH3]
  • ‘Right On’ CD Single [1995 Huh HUH4]
  • How Bizarre [1996/7 Huh Mercury HUH6]
  • ‘On The Run’ CD Single [1996 Huh UH8]
  • ‘Land Of Plenty’ CD Single [1996 Huh UH9]
  • ‘How Bizarre’ Dance Promo 12″ [1996 Huh HUH10]
  • The Uptown Project 10″ / Cd EP [1996 Huh HUH11]
  • ‘I Love La’ CD Single [W/ Sina 1996 Huh HUH13]



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