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Warble was a High School aged post-rock group formed by (future stand-up comedian and author) Eamonn Marra and Jack Hooker, with the intent to enter Smoke-Free Rock Quest in 2008.

Joined by drummer James Woods (who had previously appeared alongside Hooker in We Will Fight You), violinist Clare Fryer and (initially) Valentine Nixon – though the Purple Pilgrims vocalist left before Warble had started recording their sole EP, which they put out on BandCamp in 2009.

The recordings are somewhat indebted to groups such as Godspeed! Your Black Emperor, plus hometown heroes Valdera; though there’s enough variation here it never feels like they’re attempting to be any one particular group – plus the use of unexpected instrumentation (violin, xylophone, accordion) gives the album an unusual vibe.



  • Warble EP (2009, self-released)


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