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Now defunct old Christchurch punk band from the late 90s / early 00s based around core members Kyle Denovan on guitar and vocals, and myself (Chris Andrews) on bass and accompanying vocals. Starting with just the duo and playing to a small crowd at the green room, Mysterioball had the loosest of punk aesthetics, finishing their debut performance (which was actually part of a Christchurch arts festival gig, coming on after a play!) with a swag of Springstein covers. All very fun, the group soon expanded to include Denovan’s fellow Flux Capacitor member Joe 90, and an erstwhile drummer named Terry ‘The Grieval Deviant’.

After an unsuccessful party performance, Joe was dropped, and Mysterioball acquired themselves a saxophonist by the name of ‘Big’ Thom, who had achieved a touch of national celebrity thanks to an unhealthy little party trick. Thom had won a local bars How low will you go competition by performing a strange little routine that involved stapling his penis and testicle’s to a large wooden cross, dangling the cross between his legs, then setting the item on fire.. Not exactly something for squeamish. The band played on, creating a number of badly recorded home-demo’s and playing to fair crowds at either the Jetset lounge or (their favourite) the provincial, never really growing past their amateur approach, but always playing with a lot of energy and fun.

The summer of 2000 brought about a migration North for Thom and Terry – and without support Chris and Kyle disbanded the group, which by now had accumulated some 15 original songs, and went their seperate ways. Denovan later resurfaced with a handful of like-minded groups, even playing Mysterioball songs with The Rocking Whores, whilst I went on to join Idols of Eve in 2003. Though Thom resurfaced in 2001 to play drums with Super-Yacht – a collaborative one-off performance alongside Denovan, myself, and the Idols‘ Diana McKaye and Jason Tamahana-Bryce, he soon disappeared again.


  • Chris Andrews (bass / vocals)
  • Kyle Denovan (guitar / vocals)
  • Joe (guitar)
  • Thom (saxophone)
  • Terry (drums)



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