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Keiran Monaghan

Kieran Monaghan Is One Of The Key Figures In The Wellingtons – If Not NZ’S – ‘Adventurous Music’ Scene. A Driving Force Behind NZ Punk During The 90s, He Currently Plays Cabaret ‘Chamber-Punk’ As Mr Sterile, Drums For Sunship And Various ‘Improv’ Ensembles, Edits The Local Indymedia Zine, And Writes Voluminous Quantities Of Witty And Politically Astute Poetry
– Taken From The Pseudoarcana Catalogue

Monaghan Has Also Made His Name Organising The Comically-Titled Meatwaters Festival (A Play On The Ill-Fated Mainstream / Hippy Sweetwaters Festival) And As A Guest Member Of Campbell Kneales’ Superb Birchville Cat Motel.



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