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Mobile Stud Unit

notorious comedy-rock-punk cum-head like a hole parody act mobile stud unit are a hamilton institution, and actually managed to outlive their comic target. head up yr’ hole was a tremendously funny pistake of the wellington hard-rockers and an underground hit that unfortunately lead no-where for the band, but they have kept on trucking through-out the late 90s and into the 00s, making catchy, but ultimately crude independent rock on their own terms.
their 2nd album bloodspew was a student radio favourite, with ‘stu’s pie-cart’, a particularly notable radio hit, while their 3rd album noted the debut of lead singer/keyboardist rohan marx’s one-man casiotone side-project as semi-detached unit.


picks in bold

  • my pyjama’s smell acidiky [1994/2003 reissue self-released]
  • bloodspew [1997 self-released]
  • flaps [2001 self-released]

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