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Mi-Sex were at one time New Zealand’s most popular band. During the punk and new wave explosion of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Mi-Sex were a truly old-school styled band, with a slick stage crew, costumes, and an over-reliance on gimmick and style over substance. The band – Richard Hodgkinson, Don Martin, Murray Burns, Kevin Stanton and Steve Gilpin, set about creating an image-conscious futuristic new-wave look that indulged in laser-light shows and synthesizer-based pop numbers.

Finding positive fan, but little critical appraisal in New Zealand, the band quickly relocated to Australia, and established themselves as one of Australia’s favorites, culminating in the kitschy Computer Games single.

This popularity spread back to New Zealand, but by now the band were firmly dedicated to bigger and (supposedly) better things, with an eye on the American market. Things never quite panned out though, with their own self-funded tour failing quite substantially and the band crumbling under the pressure.


  • Graffiti Crimes [1979 CBS CBS463031 2]
  • Space Race [1980 CBS SBP237442]
  • Shanghaied [1981 CBS SBP237701]
  • Where Do They Do? [1983 CBS SBP23795]
  • Mi-Sex ’79-’85 [1985 CBS SBP8117]
  • Mi-Sex EP [1988 CBS 651 091-7]


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