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Fiona McDonald

an iconoclastic lead-singer, fiona mcdonald has been the vocal point for both the strawpeople and later-era headless chickens – two of new zealand’s highest profile bands during the mid to late 90s. She has a saucy, dark vocal style and managed to achieve a level of celebrity in new zealand that even outshone the bands she contributed to, eventually releasing her own solo album (‘a different kind of hunger’).


picks in bold

  • a different hunger [1999 flying nun FN411]
  • ‘sin again’/’coma of sadness’/’absurd’ cd single [1999 flying nun FN419]
  • ‘damage control’/’blue nails’/’cuba & gizmo sin again’ [seventh deadly remix] cd single [1999 flying nun FN420]
  • ‘bless them all’ cd single [1999 flying nun FN440]

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