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Matt Eccles

what’s been the best live experience so far- you’ve played with some pretty big names now?
in january this year we got to support queens of the stone age and pearl jam in australia, two bands that we’re really big fans of, so that was pretty cool. last new year’s in nelson was excellent as well. we always have a good time playing live.
do you prepare differently for shows where you’re supporting big name acts as opposed to when it’s your own tour?
there’s not really any difference in preparation but you definitely feel some extra pressure when you’re playing a big or important show…you really don’t wanna fuck up.
where do you, as the drummer, fit into the band dynamic?
good question, it’s been four years and i still don’t think i know… i help everyone play in time.
what are your band responsibilities beyond drumming?
i don’t really have any set responsibilities beyond the drums, but the band is pretty much self managed so there’s always something to do.
how do you approach recording?
i’m usually quite nervous because most of the time it’s me who has to nail his stuff first. so i’ll practice my ass off before we go in.
what’s the atmosphere been like in the studio this time round compared to when recording the last album?
we recorded the alphabetchadupa mid 2001 when we were all 17, so after a couple of years of touring and playing together we’ve all progressed a long way with our playing and writing. it’s exciting to see how far we can push ourselves.
which do you enjoy the most, recording or playing live?
i probably enjoy playing live more because you’re interacting with a bunch of people who are hopefully diggin’ it and having a great time. i do enjoy recording, it’s just a completely different environment, a lot more controlled.
why the decision not to make a video for the new single?
we didn’t make a video for ‘the bats of darkwell lane’ because we were trying to source some bat footage for the video. this took a while and by the time we found some we pretty much had another single due out. a little slack on our part i guess. if anyone wants to make us one, feel free…
what excites you about new zealand music at the moment?
that there’s a lot of styles of music getting local and international attention, more than ever before; that new zealanders want to hear new zealand music.

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