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Wayne Mason

as the lead song-writer for the highly acclaimed formyula, mason was at the fore-front of new zealand rock in the late 60s, pioneering original repetoires (which was positively unheard of in new zealand at the time). with ‘nature’, a simple little almost-folkie that the band themselves considered fairly throw-away on originally composing, he found himself responsible for (what has now been voted as) the new zealand song, a gentle, brooding pop hit of real majesty. the band toured on through-out the 60s and 70s, but wayne never surfaced with his own solo album until between frames was released in 1995, by which time he was truely a historic figure in the new zealand music scene, and a writer of well-constructed, intelligent pop.


picks in bold

  • between frames [1995 raging goose & driving wheel music RGDW-CD1]

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