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Mancini 500


3-piece outfit featuring Daniel Mancini (Guitar), Luke (bass) and Health (drums). The group released a lathe cut EP and we’re on a couple rock’n’roll compilations from the era.

Front-man Dan Mancini re-appeared as DJ Dan Mancini, notably supporting Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club on their 2010 New Zealand tour. As of 2014 he was LA-based, forming TSR-Airlines with his partner Lindsay Atwood.


  • Daniel Mancini (Guitar/Vocals, 199? – 200?, 2013)
  • Luke (Bass, 199? – 200?, 2013)
  • Heath (Drums, 199? – 200?, 2013)


  • Wanted Lathe-Cut 7″ EP [self-released]



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